Hydraboost upgrade?

02 281 GT

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Feb 3, 2009
Cabot, AR
I just bought a used master cylinder from an '03 Cobra, and I was wondering if anyone here has ever done a hydraboost swap on the '95 and earlier cars, and if so, what all does it entail? I'm thinking this might be a nice upgrade for my Cobra, if for nothing more than to clean up the engine bay a bit if. If it does indeed clean up the engine bay. :)
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I've never heard of anyone doing it on any cars that werent being swapped to the same driveline.

What advantages does it offer? I dont know much about the systems to begin with, so i'll be interested to see what info comes of this thread.
What sucks is that when/if you lose the serpentine; you lose hydraulic brake pressure and the car becomes very hard to stop and drive since your powersteering is out at the same time. I've driven a 4.6car that threw the belt and it wasnt fun. It is also another parasitic drag on the engine.

Between that and the pumbing for it; I would rather not mess with it.
You have to make a lot of custom hoses for it. I've never actually seen someone do it. The only advantage to it, is it is one way to keep your power brakes if you have an engine with a big cam. Big cam engines don't make a lot of vacuum at idle, and your power brakes get a little sketchy. Honestly though, most people just put manual brakes in, or a vaccum pump. The hydroboost is not a common adaptation.

The only time I've ever seen a hydroboost swapped in was when someone put a 4.6 in a former 5.0 or V6 car. I didn't really know much about it beyond that.
You don't have much choice then. The whole reason the new edge cars have hydroboost, is because a traditional vacuum booster doesn't clear that enormous 4.6 engine.