I am bored. How about a free toast thread?

I am trapped home today. I already went snowshoe-ing, and cleaned the engine of the car. The roads are undrivable until maybe tomorrow. (I won't bank on that) What else is there to do when you are stuck at home? I can only watch so watch ****, err...I mean television. Anybody else confined by snow, ankle bracelet, or just don't want to get up?
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seems like every winter i work on my stereo, this time i have to build a box/ rear seat delete that holds 2 8" or 10" woofers...that can work around a 6 pt. Roll bar... i'm tired of 12" subs..
ive built about 50 boxed for my mustang since ive had it, from crappy uncovered boxes to full on painted fiberglass boxed with 3 15's in it... but its time to scale down and do my final SQ setup... i'm going today to pick up a tablesaw (ive always used a straight edge and a circular saw lol )