I am prolly going to get bashed

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lol well y i am asking is one to now if u guys think it would look good. up at my friends dads car shop he is doing some motor work on a pro street chevelle and i love the dash is simple and very clean and i think it would look great with me not running a center counsel. but yea it is a out of no were question
I'm sorry, but is it REALLY so hard to write out three-letter words such as "why," "you," "are," and "any" that you have to abbreviate them? :shrug:

That being said ... fabricate your own dash from scratch using sheetmetal and/or fiberglass. It's not just an aesthetic issue, but a matter of being practical and realistic. Fabricating your own dash setup would cost a lot less, be a lot easier, and probably wind up looking a LOT better than hacking up an old Chevelle dash and trying to bastard-rig the thing into a Mustang. Search for some pics of folks with stripped interiors who've made their own dashboard arrangements and plugged into their own gauges, and go for something like that. You might be able to make an old Chevelle gauge cluster work, but not the entire dash assembly. Just my take on it.
lol i have a chevy i just like the look of a chevelle dash i wont put one in if i have to cut it up i want it to look clean granted the fox dash looks good but looks a lil outta place with out a center counsle whitch i am not running
You can have a Fox interior without a center console without it looking weird, as long as you do it right. This is most easily done on the '79 to '86 interiors, since I guess some of them came without a center console in 'em. You can delete the center console on an '87-'93 Fox, but you'll have to either fab up a box for your radio and/or your HVAC controls, or get creative with some fiberglass or sheetmetal and paint. In either case, you'll likely wind up needing an aftermarket shifter boot and some means of covering the e-brake's base.

FWIW, I yanked out my busted-up console on my '86 'vert last weekend. Ordinarily, it would have been an easy deal, and all I would've had to really do was stick on the OEM e-brake cover I found in an '86 notch that came factory without a console. Unfortunately the idiot prior owner that put in the new black carpeting cut these freakin' HUGE holes out for the shifter and e-brake that I can't possibly cover without having to put in a whole new carpet or fab up some kind of trim bezels of my own. :nonono:
I say do it. to each his own. It would be a good coversation piece at a car show. some will hate it and some will like it.
this is what people should be doing with thier cars make it thier own.
somtimes it looks bad but hey it just makes the nicer ones look even better.
Hell just buy a chavelle, they are sweet cars. old camaros arnt either. plus there are so many foxes out thier that look the same as eachother so do somthing that probably no one has done or as far as I know thought about
Just dont throw out the fox dash incase it looks bad.