I don't have an IAT sensor?


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Sep 11, 2002
Ive been baffled by this for years but do 02+ GT's have IAT sensors? Once i get home and can take a picture, there seriously isnt an IAT wire where it should be. The wire should come out of the same area as the MAF plug, however, mine is still factory taped, I have never been able to locate this stupid plug, my car has never thrown a code, and it operates fine. Am I losing my mind?
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I think its 01.5+ years.. but the IAT sensor is BUILT INTO the maf... the 99-00 mustangs (maybe more years, but I dont know) have a seperate IAT sensor.

When we upgrade to a lightning MAF you have to get a seperate IAT sensor, because the lightning MAF doesnt have one built in.
Yeah, just one of those small changes that most really won't find.

The tensioner pulley on the older cars takes a 1/2" drive, while I believe somewhere in that range they switched to a 3/8" :shrug:
The outer two connections on the plug control the IAT sensor in the MAF. I'd look at the c&L MAF and see if it has connectors there... I am sure it does, its meant to be a stock replacement and I would guess you would be having a ton of problems otherwise...