I dunno, still doesn't stop


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Nov 21, 2003
Petoskey, MI
Well all I have a 68 coupe that's all but done, but running into a problem that leaves me scratching my head going huh... :bang: anyways I have a 302 with power disk/drums I have a good 12-14 vaccum going to the booster, I've bench bled the new master twice, bled the brakes countless times, new wheel cylinders, new calipers and you can stand on the brake pedal and it hardly slows down, what gives? Is it possible that the distribution block could go bad? does the block serve as a proportioning valve as well? I dunno. any thoughts or directions to go. Thanks
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Make sure you have the right length push rod... It could be possible that you are getting the wrong master cylinder. Make sure the front brake lines coming from the distribution block to the master cylinder is bigger than the rear lines. And also check the booster.... Is the pedal hard all the time?
Easiest way to check to see of the power booster is bad it to pump the brakes 3-5 times with car off, then push and hold the brake pedal while starting the car, if the pedal drops 1-2in then it is good, if it doesn’t move after the engine is running the power booster is bad.

I adjusted the rears tighter tonight, and it seemed to help, however it still isn't right, the pedal gets hard after a few pumps and gives when you start it, verifying the booster is working, the bleeders are pointing upwards on the calipers. Im still wondering about that distribution block? I dunno
Did the problem just develop or is it new? I think your vacuum is too low. Mine had same type problem with 13 lbs. and had to put an electric vacuum pump to get it to work right. You should have enough pressure for the drums to work, so putting it up on jackstand won't really tell you much. You probably are only putting about 500-600 psi to the discs which require somewhere between 900-1200 psi for them to work. Put a pressure gauge on the bleeder and see what you get. Try without booster vacuum and with.