i feel like my mileage should be better....


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Sep 13, 2004
Miami, Ok
ok my stuffs in the sig, the motor is stock besides headers and aftermarket ignition and harness.
I've calculated 10 mpg with 87 octane, would this increase with higher octane or something, if it would i would think it would be very minimal.

What are the little fine tuning things i could try to see if i get better mileage, i am thinking 10 mpg is a little strange for a pretty close to stock car.

Any help appreciated.
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I'm getting about 17 mpg in my 154K vert with an auto tranny. Are you sure you don't have 4.10's in the rear or something else in the drive line that might have been changed before you got the car?
I did 30 mpg a few weeks ago all highway miles.
I did a tune up in November last year. I use 87 octane. I also had a bad tranny in the car. 70 mph on the highway. I havent touched the timing in a few years.
I had found a thread on the forum and tried it.- Clean the mass air wire, IAC valve, take the egr off and clean it, put seafoam in the gas tank and throught the brake booster line. It worked miracles for my car.
Foxfan88 said:
My timing is at a stock 10 BTDC, i have a temp issue???
Foxfan88 said:
Ok my car ticks under a load, like when i give it some gas. But when the car is cool and i baby it its ok. Only pings when i start going fast.
Well yesterday i was hanging out with my friend, he had his moms crown vic, we went and had some fun.

Well this has happened before, but when i "abuse" or just really hard on my car (trying to do burnouts) it starts KNOCKING(like an actual knock) like hard core, its always there, really loud, it diminishes as your easier on the car and the engine cools.

So is this spark knock, since the hot engine will ignite the gas easier before the spark? I have 89 octane in now. I dont have a timing light, would buying one be wise? How useful are they later on?

BTW, the vic pulled a massive donut, they are pretty damn powerful.

ALSO, my temp guage doesnt work, so i cant tell... well how hot does the motor get, mines gets to where you can feel the heat off of it, like if you were cold it could warm you.

Is it just v8s get hot??? since they are bigger...
It might be my timing, i put gas in it as soon as i figured out how to do it.
Havent checked mileage yet.

Well the car has accel wire, msd coil, cap and probably rotor, has an aftermarket distributor. So the guy before me did some stuff.

I'm sure the gears are stock 2.73s, i did the driveshaft rotation technique

So should i just tune up myself???
I've heard to term "performance tune" can someone elaborate???

Also, i can burnout, i just dont like the one tire roasting them, i'm more interested in spinning both....
I doubt timing will make an appreciable difference. running retarded timing can cause bad milage (hence why cars advance timing through the roof at speed; not including provisions for EGR).

FWIW, i ran locked out timing (22*) on the 94 and it made less than 1 mpg difference with in-town milage.

good luck.
You definitely need a tuned up! Before I changed my fuel filter I was getting 13 mpg with 2.73 rear gears and mostly highway driving. Now I am around 15.5 mpg since I changed it. Gotta change the o2 sensors now!
I just put in new O2's in my '92 GT when I put in the FRPP headers and Bassani OR X. I was getting about 70 miles to the 1/2 tank point, and now I'm getting ~125 to the same point.

O2's are fairly cheap @ $39 ea, and you would be surprised how well they affect mileage..