I got a "Mark VII" rear rotor, but it's only 10.5" why!?


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Aug 7, 2000
i found a rotor inside a Mark VII at my junkyard, it didn't have axles on the car, so i looked inside, i only found one rotor, and i think it's from the car, the rotor fits on my ranger axle, so it has the same bolt pattern... :shrug:

the rotor is 10.5"x3/4"

is this the correct rotor?
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What could it have come off then? It's definately a rear rotor, and it fits on my ranger axles ( I finally both both axles :))
5 bolt and 10.5"- that 's a fit for my Turbo Coupe if I ever went to 5 lug. When you find out what it is, let me know.
If it came off a mark 7 it's gotta be a mark 7 rotor. You measure it right? ;)

It looks like my mark 7 rear rotor, but it was definitely about 11 1/4"

Are the directionally vented?
Not solid, I know it's not a Mark7 rotor, and i'm not going to use it because I can't find the other one, but I am now just wondering what car it is from....not that i will use any from the car it did come from though....