i have a quick questoin for everyone


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Apr 5, 2010
Im not saying that this will happen or that for will ever even think about it but I thought it would be cool if Ford made like a mid level mustang. How many of you would think it would be cool if they put the direct injected twin turbo v6 in the Mustang that they have in the Taurus SHO? Personally I think it would be pretty bad ass if they did.
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hey Tloggins,

I guess the reason for not having something like that is because they already have there Base Mustang V6 and Premium Mustang V6 pushing big hp. The Premium mustang has options like The Pony Package, Mustang Club Of America Package, and Performance Package which offers a variety to many people. If they were to put that engine the cost would be higher of course along with the Hp being closer to the GT's.

There was rumor and speculation tho that the 2011 was going to possibly come out with tht engine in the V6. That idea was shot down. So i dont think that will happen any time soon.

But on the other sides of things the F-150 will be comming out with EcoBoost engine.

By 2013 they will be producing 1.5 million of the turbo-charged and direct-injected engines around the world. This is up from their original estimate of 750,000.