I need help please!

Both my Foxes are stick shift cars one with a 331 and the other a 351 with 3/8” stud mount rockers with girdles. They are shifted north of 7,000 rpm and have zero issues.

You bring up some valid points and a haft mount rockers are the tits but they are not necessary on 90 to 95 percent of street driven cars.

I will say that you need to take a ride in my buddy’s Mustang with a very healthy 408 with a C4 reverse manual valve body in it. When it shifts at 7,600 it shocks the car. He is running stud mounted rockers with girdles and it’s been that way for years.

A properly set up valve train will be fine without shaft mount rockers on most motors. There are instances (high rpm, valve configuration, and big block stuff) where shaft mount make sense. Most don’t have the wallet for it but most are not building a motor that needs them.

Opinions will vary but until my engine builder tells me I need something high end like that it’s not gonna happen.
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