I need seats.....whatcha got?


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
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Feb 18, 2001
Here's the deal. I'm installing a 99-04 rear "leather" GT seat in my Fox.

For front seats I am gonna go with 99-04 Dark Charcoal leather GT seats as well....unless someone can show me something else to buy since they aren't all that supportive in turns (i know from my '03 GT)

Here's the criterial. If it looks like a race seat, i don't want it. I want it to look factory, but still be somewhat supportive. It's also gotta be somewhat cheap. I don't want to spend $1500 on seats. The 99-04 seats can be had for $200-400 so i don't want to go too much above that.

I've seen aftermarket seats done in dark charcoal (dark grey) leather that looked good.

So what do you have?
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i have a bananna seat

Not to derail your thread before anyone posts an answer to your question but...
Is your car out of storage yet??? We need to see new pics!

Nope. It hasn't moved in 4 years next month. I miss it like hell :(

I'd post pics of it now, but it's all dirty and the interior is pulled apart as i've been doing little things here and there. Where the car is isn't the best place to work though...otherwise i'd be installing the HUGE pile of parts I have for it.

So for now...i just keep buying stuff for it.

Hopefully soon i'll have another garage where I can work on the car. WHen that happens, i'll be picking the car up on a trailer, taking it there and then you guys will see my progress thread I promise.

The pile of parts i have is literally the size of the car :) I've got plans.

In the meantime. My '03 is satisfying my Mustang thirst...until it sells :(
Hmmm, using the leather rear seats might be hard to match. A lot of Recaro stock seats are nice, came in VW's, BMW's, supras etc. Here is a set I think are nice and not ricey or anything:

Think they came in leather also but sure they are going to cost much more then $400. They can be had for MUCH cheaper then that add also, just one of the first nice ones I found. Trying to think of others but none are really coming to mind at the moment for some reason. :shrug:
I couldn't begin to comprehend my Stang being in storage that long :(
I thought it was definitely coming out this year. You no longer seem so sure. What changed?

Yeah it sucks...but it's easy to forget when you have a sharp new(er) Mustang GT to bang gears with everyday.

What changed? Trying to buy property in the next year or less. Plus i need to sell the '03 to buy something I can drive in the winter to get to work so i'll be taking on a car payment again. Priorities I guess got in the way.

I could register the car and drive it this summer, but it really needs me to go through it first before I can drive it considering it hasn't been started in 4 years and one of the AOD transmission lines was leaking like crazy. (I have an t-5 conversion for it)
you can find mine pretty cheap. i know, i know there from an import. but! i wanted something comfortable an that can hold you in around turns. these seats to pretty well. plus you can find em cheap. i paid alot less then what i could get new edge seats for an there way better.
sorry for the crappy quality this pic was takin with my phone.
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I just got a set of 98GT black leather seats from a junkyard. They're clean as can be except for one small (less than an inch) tear in the driver side.

65 each for the fronts
65 for the entire rear

I like em alot! Not very much side support for turns though like you said. The driver side is power and plugs right in. ive only got the fronts in right now but i'm going to tackle the rear in a few weeks here if it would stop raining....

I've seen you post in a few threads about new edge seats in a fox. It seems like the OEM appearance and price is what you're looking for. I think you should do it. 94+ seats will probably offer the lowest initial investment $$ wise, should you decide to change your mind down the road.

after all...you dont want to be stuck with 1000 in seats you hate.
Wasn't there a thread not too long ago about putting import seats into a Fox? Some of them looked pretty friggin' nice, actually, and as long as it doesn't have some kind of Honda or Nissan or whatever logo on it, who's going to care, just so long as they look clean and keep your butt comfortably in place...? :shrug:

Just a random thought, but what about some seats from a T-Bird Super Coupe? They look pretty pimp and comfy, but I dunno how they'd fare as far as their width, and whether you can score some without any obvious "SC" or bird emblem logos on 'em...
^ mine are from an srt4 neon. paid $100 bucks for both fronts. an they were basically new. no rips or scratches in the leather...yes there leather. ill take some more pics soon. i did have to make my own brackets to fit them, and i still have to clean the brackets up an whatnot but there very comfortable. all the way to myrtle beach from nj an it was pretty comfy.