I pulled my codes!!!


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Apr 1, 2010
Ok folks - if you followed my other thread labeled, "HELP PLEASE, NO POWER", well I finally was able to get my codes. Pretty cool I must say!

Reminder, this is a '93 GT 5.0 EFI in my 1966 Mustang with AOD.

KOEO Codes are:


I believe 84 is EGR vacuum solenoid circuit failure, but I don't have any EGR, so I think this is just a false code.

How about the others?
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I would clean the maf with a electrical cleaner. They make stuff specifically for MAF's. Disconnect the battery, leave it off for a few min, pump the brakes then hook it back up. Drive it around for a while and check the codes again. If the 26 code is still there, try to get another MAF from a working 5.0 and place it in there. I wouldn't buy a new one just yet, not until I knew for sure that the maf was the culprit.
I already tried cleaning it with MAF cleaner. Nothing. I couldn't find one to borrow, so I ordered a new one, just waiting for it to get here.

I ran a test on all four wires on the oval plug going to the MAF sensor and all check out as they should.

Should I run a KOER test?
Ok, I ran the KOER test. All I got was Code 33, which is EGR related, and I don't have EGR, so no real codes pulled at all.

So what do we do from here? Again, this all goes back to the larger thread 'Help Please, No Power'.

Any ideas???
You said the MAF test results were within range or good. What tests did you perform? Did you check Pins D & C for proper resistance range while key off? If so, what values did you get? Voltage between C & D with KOER, what voltage did you get?

Anyone know what the dea with code 15 is?