Identify this motor by the heads?


May 24, 2004
Marianna, Fl.
I got a roller motor today and the guy said it came out of a truck. I looked for numbers on the block but did not see them. Can you I dentify the year ands specs of the motor by the heads? The heads have never been off of the motor. the intake looks like one off a 94-95 mustang but it is out of a truck. the heads have 4b7 and 4b11 and a large t cast in them under the valve cover. im thinking it is a 94 maybe, let me know the specs( hp, c.r., type of pistons, etc). I will be breaking it down and rebuilding it with more performance parts. He gave me the stock crank, rods and pistons out of his 94 gt block. what was the comp. ratio of these motors? Are the stock 94 gt pistons hypers? Is there somewhere specific to look for the casting numbers besides the starter area?

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might be out of a thunderbird or cougar. Those numbers you're getting, aren't "casting numbers" per se. Should be like E7something or F4something. 4B11 doesn't mean anything.

Take a picture of what you have and post it. Sometimes you can tell what it came from by looking at the whole assembly.
looks like a t-bird engine, which I believe were HO motors, 215 hp. The casting number will be on the bottom side of the head, you have to remove the intake , then you can see the #'s between the pushrod holes. Should be E7TE's.
Yeah, I was just trying to verify if it was a H.O. and what it came out of.

Also found this chart on injectors:
Ford type II injector common ID colors
Light Gray= 14
Dark Gray= 17
Mustard Yellow= 19
Pink= 21
Light Blue= 24
Red= 30
Dark Blue= 36
Lime Green= 42's
it is an HO, and they were only offered in mustangs and t-birds/cougars with that intake setup, truck intakes were completely different. The mustang and t-bird engines are one in the same. So, whats the point? If, by some odd chance, it is a truck motor with HO intake and injectors swapped on, its still a roller block and has the same crappy heads. If it had GT or GTP on the heads, I'm assuming you would have mentioned it by now, that would mean it was in an Explorer, but even Explorers used different intake setup than what you pictured. And if you're gonna rebuild it anyway, you really don't need to concern yourself with the original application.
If that is indeed a T-Bird/Cougar HO 5.0, then it will have all the same parts the Stang HO had, with the exception of the camshaft. The camshaft will be the slightly milder "Cobra" GT40 cam. Pistons for all the 94-up 5.0's regardless of application are hypereutectics.
i found these numbers on the drivers side bottom of the block. looking from up at the block it reads a 9 and below it FISE B B. then on the bottom ear of the block where the bellhousing attatches is this RF165482. Is this right or do i need to keep looking.