identifying 4-eye years?


May 15, 2006
Lorimor, IA
i've seen one sitting at a farm house, not the greatest... paints rough and it has some surface rust and underneath has plenty of surface rust... an old car, in iowa, so it's expected. i was just curious how i could identify the year. the grill looks like that of a 79 or early 80s. also, where a hood ornemant would be, there's a circle that whatever was on it was worn off. i was just curious 'cuz i would like to find a cheap notch for my 2.3t out of an 88 TC and this would fit the bill.
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not necessarily this one even though the rust i did see could probably be taken care of with a lot of sand-blasting, eh? oh, and yes, it did have a black nose when i seen it. also, i dont see why anything other than an svo would be a pain, especially if it already had an auto 2.3 drivetrain(i'm looking strictly for automatics since that's what i want). i was curious about that though, we have the motor and it's ecu/harness. i was told that i would need a pump in the tank, but i'd just go with a new tank to be safe, new fuel lines, but the person didnt know when it came to dealing with the engine/bay and the harness.