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Oct 11, 2005
well i cant ****ing figure out my idling problem. but i did notice its worst when its cold, but its still not perfect. i was thinking could it be the spark plugs are gapped to low? i think there at .038 whatever was the safest for the nitrous
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i looked for vaccum leaks but cant find any. i know i read somewere on here on how to look for them with something and then see it idles higher for a second or some **** like that.
it can either be a vacuum leak or maybe something isnt getting the right amount of vacuum? i think your issue is vacuum related because i had a similar problem last year.

i think what you are talking about is spraying carb cleaner or starting fluid around the vacuum lines and when the idle changes you found a hole.
You can do that, too. But what's cheaper? Taking it to the shop .... or getting a vacuum tester? Even if you still can't find the problem after testing it, you may need the tester in the future. Be optomistic. :D