Idling problem


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Mar 5, 2002
So Cal
Everytime I start up, cold or warm, it idles at like 1200 rpm, then eventually after a minute or two goes down to about 800 (which is normal I think). It also idles kinda rough at startup and while sitting at a stoplight...anybody know what is causing this...??? I've had this before, but it was a faulty O2 sensor which was making it run lean...dont think its the problem this someone help???

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d98gt said:
I had a bit of a rough idle (and no fire from my #3 cylinder, though it ended up being a faulty wire... which was a relieve:D)

Mine runs rough also. How did you know it was a missfire in Cylinder#3? ...and how did you happen to find the faulty wire? and what did it take to replace it?