im about to step the GT up to 4v what would be the pro's/con's? need replys quick!!!

i have found an almost complete 99 4v conversion kit, it comes with 99 cobra wiring harness, 99 cobra intake, fully assembled stock 99 cobra heads with stock cams, manifolds, 99 cobra aluminum block, and 99 cobra crank all for $1600.

anyways, i plan on having a forged bottom end with the aluminum 99 cobra block and crank and adding forged pistons and rods. and just bolting the stock 99 cobra unported intake and heads on top of that, and i also plan on using my paxton novi2000 with it.

now my question is this, do you think i would have a better power making platform for the future with the unported 4v configuration than with a set of p&p pi heads stock pi intake and blower cams? whats the pro's and con's of both? i plan on 650+rwhp in the future, which do you think would make a more reliable and streetable 650rwhp both with a forged shortblock and the novi2000 and of course a good tune and the right fuel system?

i need replys quick because i am about to buy the 99 cobra stuff this weekend if someone doesn't convince me otherwise.

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i figured for $1600 for the 99 cobra heads assembled w/cams, intake, vave covers, timing cover, intake, forged crank, aluminum block (which is 83lbs lighter than iron), and the wiring harness would be alot better hp/per dollar than p&p 2v heads and blower cams which would be around $2400 (patriot stage 2 heads assembled with t&j's new blower cams).
i am definately going to buy the 4v set-up, what should i check over on the heads and block to make sure they are good to go and how do i check them???
what all else do i need to do the swap? what pistons and rods should i get for the new 4v blower motor, and should i go 20 over on the block?

come on guys, i am buying all of this stuff tomorrow night and i need all of the advice i can get before then so i know what to do.