I'm looking for a side exhaust kit...


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May 27, 2005
...and I've noticed nearly all the major brands make one. Which one provides to best sound/performance if anyone knows? Also, would they be compatible with a Stalker kit?
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Spintech, borla, ... a few others make them, I don't know if they would work with the stalker kit... you might have to hang them down a little bit so that it's under the sideskirt... not coming out of it. I think that funkmasterflex on here has one, try PM'ing him for this question,
I got a custom side exit exhaust done that comes off of a H-pipe & before I had the exhaust I ran a 15.3, and my best run tonight after having the exhaust is a 15.7. So I actually lost power with putting on the side exit exhaust, but it does look really good and the sound is good considering it's a 6 cylinder. The exhaust was done by a very reputable shop, he custom made an h-pipe that eliminated 2 of the cats, hung the mufflers in the stock locations and then ran the pipes out the side into dual angle-cut tips, kinda like the Cobra R. It looks pretty good and I'll try to get some pics up within the next few days.





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I’ve got the spintech side exhaust mufflers and I like the way they sound, I don't have the spintech kit though, just the mufflers behind both stock cats, and then an H pipe, and the sound is pretty nice.. not deep, but when you get on it, it sounds good, kind of like a supped up European car, like a performance BMW or porsche
zincyellow03 said:
How can you lose hp :shrug: ? Do you have dual side exhausts or a single side exhausts because it might be why? I'm confused.

I have dual side exhausts, the mechanic that did the exhaust said he wouldn't be surprised if I lost some horsepower with it because of some of the extreme bends that the pipe makes for the side exit, he said for me to bring the car by the shop this week & he'll figure something out, something with a flange...but I don't exactly remember what he said he was going to do? :shrug: He also said that with this exhaust set up that I don't have as much backpressure, which he said 6 cylinders usually need as much backpressure as they can get. I'd like to run my car at the drag strip again though, because my brother who usually runs 13.8 only ran a 14.2 the same night I went...and track conditions weren't that good, my 60 foot's are usually low 2.3's and the other night i had high 2.4's.
zincyellow03 said:
Hmmm...maybe it was the weather conditions. It would suck if it decreased your HP's. Do you know how the shop set up the pipes on your stang? Like you said, maybe it has too many bends. Good luck!

Yeah, I'm thinkin the weather had something to do with it too...it was pretty muggy & humid. He made the h-pipe go into each muffler, then the type of muffler he used the exhaust comes out the same side as it goes in, so he made another pipe and bent it to come out the side into the angle cut tips. I'll hopefully be taking the car back to the mechanic this week & maybe he'll let me take some pics of the car on the lift so I can clearly show how he did the exhaust.
yep i have the spintech kit. mine connects to the factory y-pipe though. ive heard so many things about backpressure i dont know what to believe but with the y-pipe you may gain a few HP but you shouldnt lose any. as for sound i love the sound of the kit. ive only heard the roush side exhaust kits on v8s and i didnt like them quite as much as the spintech kit, i think the spintech kit sounds much cleaner and deeper. but as for other normal style duals on 6's i still like the spintech kit best(for y-pipe kit comparisons at least).

heres a flyby clip i have: 110mph flyby not the best sound clip ever. i have others but dont have space to host em send me a pm or something and i can try to email or IM them to you if you want.

also i dont really reccomend putting side exhaust under body kit side skirts that dont have cut outs, just because it will put the tips so close to the ground.

93stang23- your kit looks great, the tips look just like my cobra r's, im really interested to see how those mufflers sound if you get a chance to grab some clips of it.
well you shouldnt really lose anything so to speak, the power will just move elsewhere on your powerband, like with an offroad midpipe. you will lose low end torque but you will gain up top due to the better flow.