I'm not sure if my Leased car is trying to cheat me.


Apr 1, 2007
He is the short story. I have previously leased 2 Toyota Highlanders before my current Nissan Murano lease. In both of those previous leases, I returned the cars with "Under" mileage on them, one time as much as 3k miles under the contract. I have had my Murano since Nov. 2008 and I already have 17,000 miles on it. I haven't changes my driving habits or gone on any high mileage trips and I don't even drive this car as a daily commuter. The car seems to be consistent with clocking a mile as I drive when compare it to the highway mile markers but I was wondering if the computer is just adding a 100 here or there, after all its probably a computer in there and not a fly wheel.
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