I'm retarded

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Ive never changed them but I have taken the lights out to change my headlights. I dont know if you have to take the lights off, but here is how to take them off.

Look on the backof the header panel and find the three little black tabs. They are round and have little parts you have to press in to get them to pop out towards the front of the car so the headlight will come out. I find the best way to get them out is to put an 11 or 12 MM closed end wrench on it and tap it with a hammer or something. It saves ALOT of time. Then they just unscrew from the housing.
Thanks Green GT but that looks really hard to do, I really just want to swap in my bulbs and leave my headlight on.:nice:

I mean hasen't anyone changed there bulbs before????? It looks like you can twist them but I really don't want to break anything.
With latex or Nitrile gloves (cuz you will touch everything doing this), you can just barely get the bulbs in and out with the housings in the car. It's a tight fit between the back of the housings and the metal behind it.

Good luck.
O and how do you aim or adjust this lights???? I want to get them straight cause they were off a little before.
The three screws that you had to pull out all have a phillips head on the front of them. Look for them from the front and adjust them accordingly. The hardest one to find is between the corner and the head and its towards the bottom.