impression of mac prochamber


New Member
Jul 16, 2003
baltimore md
ok i just installed pro-chamber from mac on my mustang total of 8hrs
hehe 1 dam screw on the passenger side was a b%tch to get off with the little tools i had
and after installing the dam thing i turn to look at the little gasket for the passenger side sitting there looking at me and i am like fck hehe

anyways after checking the exuast for leaks that passenger side needs to see that gasket its a little loud on that side i will do that to day

i test ran the car and omfg is all i could say with a big old smile on my face the car runs no i mean it real feels good

i think it sucks up alittle more gas but no biggie it pulls hard in all gears but i was must impressed with 5th gear pulls like i was in 4th gear

if u are going to do it your self like me biggest problem i ran in to was getting to the inside passenger nut you will need a ratch that bends and please disconnect the battery that nut is right next to the starter i had sparks everywere (i'm such a novice hehe) other then that it was an easy job o and a friends help my speed up the process :D
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