In The Market

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No idea what your goals are, or your budget? But if I had to pick one thing to watch for, it'd be rust. You can buy your way out of all sorts of problems, but rust is one of the worst ones. If you're not confident of your knowledge to pick out a good car, don't be afraid to bring knowledgeable friend with you, or be willing to pay a trusted mechanic $50 to c heck over a car before you commit to buying it. Again, not sure of your goals, but often the best bargains are the ones that are mechanically sound but cosmetically ugly.

My other suggestion, is that if you're just starting out "learning", go for something stock that you can drive around from the get go, and then "learn" by making some of the popular mods from there. IMHO, there's nothing worse than spending a chunk of change for a hunk of metal that can only sit in your garage until you spend another chunk of change to be able to get it moving. There's plenty of people who do that, but they're not beginners, and I know a number of people who bought "fixer uppers", never ever got them running, and ended up selling them having never had a car that could run.