Indash Dvd Bypass Play While Driving

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Theres a wire thats marked something along the lines of brake, or safety, something that the instructions state to connect to your emergency brake....just ground that wire and it should work fine, depending on the radio, do a google search for that specific model and it should tell you...

Drive and view at your own risk...

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when you say just ground that wire, can I ground it to the stock stereos ground wire?... or do I need to ground it to a piece of metal somewhere in side the dash?
so like if I twist the black ground wire + the brake wire from the head unit wireing harness and connect those to conjoined wires to the black ground for the aftermarket wire harness it will allow me to play the dvds while driving?.. or mp4's really just want the music videos to the music playing
Yes...that will work, but as I said, some head units that have gyros in them and can tell when you're moving, which in that case you have to have a code to bypass it...

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Mine requires you to set, release, then set and leave the parking brake on. Amazon sells an override that you wire into the head unit parking brake lead, amp kick on, and ground. It's model specific if you need to go that route. One size doesn't fit all as they say.

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I had one in my 05 Magnum, simple ground and done. Then I had a 300 srt, with that one I had to buy a relay. The relay basically told the DVD player the brake was on in order to let it play. Don't worry it doesn't keep the "ebrake" light on. It simply tricks the DVD player, that's all. It was a 3 prong Bosch relay. $5.00 bucks I think it was. Here's a link for my unit, yours may be different but this will work the same.