info for future head install


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Feb 7, 2003
I would like to install heads and an intake myself in spring (About to order parts soon). I have done simple repairs with sensors and such but never done this kind of in depth work before. I have however read alot about the procedure. And have plenty of time and patience.

First -I feel confident about the complete intake install.
I would like to know if the heads install is really complicated for a novice since I will have direct access to them when I do the intake.

Also -If I do the heads, I want to avoid playing with timing and turning the crank, therefore I want to know if its possible to install and torque the rocker assembly on the heads before installing the heads.

Thanx in advance.
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The motor has to be rotated around to put the valves in place for adjusting, so no dice on your the pushrods have to be in place to adjust your rockers...and you cant put them in, til the heads bolted up....

Doing the heads is pretty straightforward...placing the distributor back in and adj the valves are part of the game....with help from members on the forum, you'll do just fine...

Might as well throw a cam in it while your there... :nice:
finalgathering said:

if i were you i would do the install my self. i don't really like other people touching my car and it feels good when you thump the pedal to the floor and you know that all of the power you feel you and your friends made. you have a few things going for you; patience and knowledge, it is easy to get frustrated but i have found in the car world most people are more than willling to help with information. like rio said you will have to adjust the timing and valve train. you did not say if you were installing a factory type of head or aluminum with roller rockers, the later will be harder but will also make more power. Good Luck!!