injector options


it's built for speed not longevity, woman
Dec 26, 2006
Thomasville, ga
i posted a forum on here yesterday trying to find out about tuning my fuel and timing and i was told by mumurous peole to go with a 75mm mass air and TB and 42# injectors but i was wondering if 30# injectors would be sufficient with the combo i am runnig i do have a 255 lph pump in tank and a inline pump as well. and want to say thanks DAGGAR the info on dyno shops helped alot.
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If you planning to use some sort of programming/chip etc, and not using the FMU (adjustable one, included in the Procharger kit ), #42 is what you need.
MAF is from 75mm and up, calibrated for the #42s.
You planning to run Boost retard, or adjust timing ,fuel etc the Chip-way?
My installation is simple, #30, C&L 80mm MAF, MSD Boost retard, and I use the adj FMU. Not perfect, but it runs ok. Just Me.