Injector size ?


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Sep 5, 2009
Bought 347 from acquaintance. Big victor alum heads, efi intake. Not sure of cam specs, he says it was 8.5:1 compression but I'm not sure he really knows.

Using a tool on Ford Motorsport website, I calculated 30# injectors running at 85% duty, but he had 24# in it (I didnt get injectors).

I got the car running. Good throttle response in neutral but it won't accelerate at all when the car is in gear, it just chokes and wants to die.

Should I go back to 24# injectors?

Having trouble reading KOER codes since no NSS, but going to try to cancel switch tonight.
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I am running an Abaco DBX97 programmable mass air meter. I created the program file based on stock Ford computer with 30# injectors, using the Abaco software. I uploaded the program to the thing... hopefully it is correct but who the hell knows. It looks pretty tho!

I'm considering trying to pick up a different maf unit to at least eliminate that.

Right now I can't get many codes out of computer, getting only these 2:

66 MAF sensor went below 0.4 volts during the last 80 warm-up cycles
98 Hard fault

did you recalibrate the mass air meter for the 30 # injectors?