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i had a electrical one and it was perfect for me, some will say go the mechanical route but its up to u.but the install was easy i guess routing wires was the hardest part. the electrical one replaces the factory oil sending unit which is above the oil filter.just hook the wire up to the factory light switch for power and call it a day...........
I just replaced the factory sender that pokes out of the block on the drivers side by the accessories. But your factory one will no longer work. So I'm not sure this helps that much.
I used electric gauges.
Hey fast94svt where do u cruise? Gratiot, Telegraph. I live off of gratiot but unfortunatly car is not completed at this moment. But the install should be easy. i have a book on how to install gauges, not that hard at all. They pretty much said it.
some people dont know this but the mech ones make a slight ticking noise when the car is running not a big deal but some people think its annoying.i have mech oil pressure and eletrical water temp.i like them both.