Installing Torque Box Reinforcements and LCA's


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Nov 15, 2005
I have a chance today to get my torque box reinforcements and LCA's put in by our techs today since they have zero work to do. They have already dropped the gas tank outta the car and drained it so i can put the battery box and new fuel system in.

My question is: On average how long does it take to put the box plates in and LCA's? I know you have to take the old LCA's loose to put the battle boxes in anyways so that shouldnt be a big deal.

The box reinforcements i bought are these -

Im wondering if bolting them in is sufficient or should they definately be bolted and welded. I dont have acess to a welder today but if it doesnt take too long, i think they could get the other stuff done. If bolting them in is sufficient, then ill have them do it. if welding them in is recommended, ill have to wait till a later date to do them.

anyone have any advice?
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It shouldnt take an experienced tech with air tools long at all to intall LCAs and TB reinforcements. Figure its 2 bolts per LCA (but your dealing with a spring). The TB reinforcements go in with the LCA bolts (may need some massaging or work to fit snug and flush). Then all that needs to be dont is drill 4 bolts (after removing the rear lower seat which takes a matter of seconds) and install the upper plate. then its just a matter of installing the springs and othe rLCA bolts.

I say couple hours TOPS, I did it in my driveway with a jack, jack stands, electric drill and one set of extra hands in like 3-4 hours. And that was in no real rush. I did have the welding done at a later time. I bolted and welded mine, and although you dont have to weld the upper plate, I'd suggest you do.
i didnt weld mine in, just get some good grade 8 bolts and tighten them as tight as they will go. I used an impact gun on mine. They have gone through a full year of me beating on it and they havent moved or shifted the slightest bit.