intalling procharger on 07 GT???


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Feb 28, 2006
my little brother got a procharger p1sc 3-core intercooler gt 40 fuel pump, 39lbs injectors, 12lbs of boost, sniper tuning software. we are going to install it our self. is the fuel pump hard to install? how do you get to it? is there any precautions or other things i would need to get her going? i ordered a complete kit from he got the fuel pump injectors and tuner today... and the procharger its self should arrive this week. will it come with oil?
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Remove the back seat bottom cushion, Remove the large plastic grommet from the floor on driver's side of car. Take a hammer and brass punch and remove lock ring on top of the fuel tank. Carefully lift out the fuel pump assy. You should be getting instructions with the kit. At 12 lbs boost, I would in no way redline the engine without a pro dyno tune.
It's very easy to get to the pump. Just be patient removing it. It's easy to get the pump, float and other parts hung up on the way up out of the access hole. It took all of maybe 20 minutes to swap pumps every time I've done it on these newer stangs. Another thing you might want to consider is get yourself some rubber like a piece of conveyer belting, or some kind of thick, strong rubber. When you run all of the intercooler tubing and hoses and such, after the job is done take small patches of the rubber and stuff it in between areas that the tubing might rub against or maybe a hose might rub through over time. I've installed a few Prochargers and once finished I just looked over all of the areas that might rub and cause problems in the future. I think I found like 3-4 areas that a little piece of rubber will give a little piece of mind.

It should take an experienced mechanic 13-15 hours to install the kit.
thanks anthony for the replies. that was my lil brother that was typing everything to you im at college and he used my name lol. I told him how to get to the fuel pump but i guess he just wanted to make sure.

he probably will not need a dyno tune right off the bat. i dunno if you have used the sniper tuning software before but it creates and awesome base tune. I am still running the base tune on my 04 GT with the 150 shot and its been running just fine. I plan to purchase a wideband for my car and all i will do is hook it up to his and make sure the air fuel is in check. I wanna shoot for 12.0.

everyone in 4.6 talk told me not go to the 150 shot without an extremely good tune i just used the sniper base tune that it made and have run about 7 or 8 bottles on teh 150 shot not a single problem and have sprayed a few times on a 200 shot. then i can return to the motor tune and still run 8s all day long.

oh and if you havent used the sniper tuning software to build a tune for the prochargers you click on cent. supercharger and how much boost you are running the size injectors you have and the MAF that is being used and it builds a safe tune for it. I could get more power out of my nitrous with a tune on a wideband but its fine for now. nice and rich and safe.