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there is enough sticking out to grab on to
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Jun 28, 2013
What is good for cleaning and conditioning dash, door panels and the like?

I could go for a low sheen finish but I don't want any of the oily looking armourall crap.
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Tough Stuff is AWESOME, EXCEPT I have to see who borrowed it in the house and did not return it. Old baby spit up is no challenge. It will get rid of a spilled fancy coffee if used with a wet vac, and clean the nastiest looking seat belts like new. I thought my newest old belts were toast until two or three passes with this. Best yet, the light, pleasant smell is NOT overwhelming. My dad uses some pink spray called Clear Magic with good results. It was at Kmart and Checker. And he is picky about a clean car, even after he picks up cars that need real cleaning.
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ok for the techs out there i got a question i have a96 mustang 3.8 that i got bored thity over heads ported and polished roller rockers a stage two port and polish on an m90 tbird blower dual exhaust no cats or mufflerss and a2.48 blower pully what size ijnectors should i use and for more botom end power do i need to advanve or retard the timing