For Sale Interior exterior trim, other stuff too

General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
pretty good shape with glass
no trim
20200301_105754 (1).jpg 20200301_105840 (1).jpg
I can send pics of the glass if needed.
$400 for the glass and $150 for the clip, I am not shipping the roof clip
I also have vert doors and glass, a hood, 3 coupe/vert trunk lids, one has holes for the luggage rack but not rack, 2 have holes for the vert type hinge.
These and other 'stuff' are located in the Lakeland FL area, pm me with any questions
Partial list. ‘85 LTD wagon
Mostly trim for a ‘daily’.

Driver side windshield – 1 piece of the ext. chrome
Back up light - Lens (I can JB) pass side only
2 headlight bezels (or just driver’s)
4 bumper corners (must still B pliable) or just pass’s back side
Interesting dealer’s badge (far west or HI, AK...’funny name’, foreign country...)

Driver’s seat cover, red (or referral for new, from a company)
Lotsa dash pieces (later models that fits)
Dash (all the way across) can a ’94 be used?

Is there a plate across the ‘way back’? All I have is a cardboard for on top of the spare.
That rug (all others good) has come off of the seat back & lost it’s ‘ticking”. So may be one of those...just gotit home.
1) the 'windshield chrome' seems different due to the stang's 3 piece (blk) & mine more fairmont like w/4 chrome pieces.
2) LMC sent me some "4 eyes" (headlght bezles) & yes, different too.
3) the 'way back' rug, sure, as mine's a wagon.
Probably the B-Up lense is not stang (that's your parts?)
Seat bottom may B correct, dash fits from '78 - '04 I've heard...
All pretty new to me so still learnin. It's back some decades too so info is thin~
(T-bird'n Mark VIIIIIII stuff fit AND dont).