Is Anyone Running Edelbrock Shocks/Struts?


Oct 21, 2004
I'm buying new shocks/struts for my car and the local parts guy is recommending Edelbrock IAS units. Is anyone running these, or even heard of anyone running these? I've never even heard of Edelbrock selling suspension components, and I'm having some doubts that these would be good for the fox? :shrug: Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!
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Couple of points of reference. One is anecdotal, the other experiential. The anecdotal piece is based on information I received about 5 years ago. Back then, I was told (by a reputable source) that the Edelbrock IAS struts / shocks were simply Bilstein models with white / red paint instead of yellow / blue. If that's still true (back then you could tell by looking at the piston (diameter) and production markings stamped in the body), they are going to be awesome for your car. I don't know that's still the case, so do your homework.

The springs are the pieces I actually installed on my '93 convertible. They were really nice, quality pieces. At the time (2001) they were stiff, but not uncomfortable. They made a huge difference, and based on that experience, I'd be comfortable recommending them. Good luck and let us know what you find out about the struts / shocks. I'd be curious to know if these are re-branded Bilsteins.