IS my axle houseing bent?


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May 1, 2003
Ok so I've had problems with the rear since I bought the car 60K miles ago. This last time I have 31spline mosers, with a FRPP Carrier, just freshened with bearings, seals, and installed to spec. I launched the car on 315 M/T DR's at 3K last weekend. Come to find out I twisted/bent an axle, a broke a tooth off one of the spider gears.

4 Years ago when I first got the car I spun it out a smacked a curb. This bent an axle and caliper bracket, but the houseing appeared to be ok.

Question is do you guys think my housing is tweaked just enough to perform fine for street driving, but when I put real pressure on it(aka track duty), it's bent just enough to cause **** to break?:shrug:
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thats kinda weird ive had 31 spline moser axles for more than a year no problems so far. have you tried jackin the car up or putting it on a lift to see if u can eye something