Is There A Waybto Find Out What Diablo Tune Is In My 5.0?


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Nov 26, 2002
I'm doing a 4cyl to 5.0 swap, and am in the process of gutting the 5.0. Got the main body harness out, and was checking the pcm and it has a little slip of paper that says diablo. Is there any way to look up what tune is on the computer? Sorry for the typo in the title, am on a tablet.
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You can't flash the program in an OBDI A9L or A9P series computer like you can on the OBDII computers in modular motor cars. Whatever is on the chip on the adapter that sticks out the back of the computer is what you have. No adapter with a chip sticking out the back of the computer, then no tune.
You are right, there is a little chip add on in there. I will have to take the cover off to unseat it though. It makes sense though, it idles really well for having an e cam.