is there anyone inupstate NY area??

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well i was hoping to hook up with some of ya near by sometime to exchange info and stuff, since one kid in town have hooked up mustang is bit of cocky A-hole, don't really want to talk to him. everyone around me is in to hook up weed eaters, i mean hondahs :doh: they really can't tell me anything I want to know
wow ! There are a lot of people near me. I live in Canandaigua, Which is about a half hour south of Rochester. I usualy go down to New York International Raceway Park in Leicester, New York to drag race. Does anyone here ever go there ? It would be awsome to meet and share ideas with everyone. Feel free to contact me via PM here.
Have to get together for sure. I've been to Oneonta once. I have a friend that's going to College there. Unfortunately It's too far for me to travel on just a single day off. I'm not too sure how far the track is from there. Here's a link to the track so you can check it out if you've never been. I'll be there a lot this month as the race season is coming to an end. Maybe we could meet up there it it's not too far for you ?
I live in Queensbury. met a guy last night with a 5.0 while me and my girl were out getting ice cream. seemed like he knew alot about our cars. well at least more than me, but i'm a newbie. :D there's a few nice ones around the area which i would like to meet up with and share stuff.