Is there anything I need to know before I install my Eibach ProKit


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May 27, 2005
Ok well a buddy of mine is giving me a brand new Eibach ProKit that he ordered for some dude but a year later has sence to pick it up. And because my buddy is moving he does not want to have to take them with him, so he found them in his garage and said here ya go...

Well is there anything I should do when I install these on my 96 mustang gt? Should I remove one of the isolators in the front on each side or will my front still drop a little more than the back with out removing them. Also I got like 106k miles on my 96 GT. Should I replace the shocks and struts? I work at an auto parts store so that stuff is cheep. Let me know.

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New Member
May 20, 2005
romulus mi
you should be able to get the uerthane ones at just about any parts store. just tell them what you need, and they'll get em. fronts are 35 bucks, and the rears are 20.
i didnt like my pro kit, much too much wheel hopping for me, so i went back to the stockers. but they did handle good. im more into drag racin tho, but around town, for takein corners quick, i loved them.