is this a good hood?

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no no no, don't buy that hood! its champion fiberglass and their products are junk. I tried going that route and luckily for me I have an amazing painter because he had to use icing on basically the entire hood. Its not worth it and it will bubble, and their customer service sucks!!!:notnice:
yea thats champion fiberglass or Cincinnati composites. :notnice:

my hood arrived with the whole front right corner broken off. the texture was like bumpy, pitted plywood.
I refused to accept the hood and refused to pay for the freight charges ($145)... now i get bills every few weeks from the shipping company telling me that i owe them money for shipping me a destroyed hood that i did not accept.

ABC exclusive or cervinis FTW!
Ive had two Cervinis and the fit and finish are like OEM. You save alot by not having to fix the imperfect hoods from lesser companies. ABC seems to be very good as well, always here only good stuff about them :nice:
The hoods are more, yes. The difference is all the hours of labor you save fixing a cheep hood. Cervinis ya just scuff and paint pretty much. No filler and constant sanding and finishing. Ultimatly you will save money with a better hood :nice:
Oh yeah I remomber that. It was an 03/04 Cobra bumper that wasnt prepped right and was peeling. I think they sent him another one or paid for the repaint :shrug: