Is this exhaust setup feasible?


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Oct 3, 2003
Bethesda, MD
3" end to end

jet-hot kooks headers going to a mac pro-chamber

after that i want proflo twisters, but i'd like to be able to easily replace them with cats when i have to go through emissions. so the cats and the twisters would essentially be interchangeable (same length with the same size inlet and outlet tubing). i realize i'll have to figure out a way to pump the air to the cats when they are in since i won't have the air pump on the engine ... (gotta hate the details!).

then i want delta 3-chamber flowmasters (pokageek says they don't drone at all :nice:)

side exit through borla/svo skirts

probably not feasible, huh? the side exit thing would be the icing on the cake

if i could get through emissions without cats, then would the side exit be doable without the twisters? then it would be just kooks->pro-chamber->flowmasters->side exit
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My buddy has a 347 with no smog stuff, air pump, etc and for emissions, he just throws the stock h-pipe on there. I know you are gonna run LT's but im saying that u could swap cats in, and it might catch enough of the "waste" that you dont really need the air pump. I know for a fact that the air tube is not hooked up because we installed the stock h in my driveway. Am i way off base here? Please call me out of im wrong cause i'd like to know.