Just Dyno'd Car

Here my set up Vortech supercharger 12-14lbs boost, BTM, edelbrock heads, Gt-40 intake, wolverine cam, 1.6 roller rockers, 80mm maf, 42lb injectors, FMU removed, 1 5/8 headers, H pipe, Mac Dumps, 255lph in tank fuel pump, 9mm plug wires, Firewall Adjuster, King Cobra Clutch, Drive Shaft Loop, 3.55 gears, Sub Frame Connectors, South Side control arms, Short Throw Shifter

Ill post the print out if i can get my scanner to work.
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Nice numbers too. Pretty similar to my combo except the intake and cam. I'll through this up here for something to compare combos against.
-449 RWHP
-443 RWHP
-12 lbs. intercooled boost
Those results are good - but your leaving power on the table with the stock Cobra lower intake on that combo. I'd consider 1 3/4" headers and supporting exhaust system when it's time to change those out too.
im pretty sure its the 3.33 puley i know for a fact that its not smaller than that. Rick i would like to make a little more power but it is the stock block so i dont want to push it. Also My A/F ration is dead nuts with 12:1. Thats with no tuning. Just a little twisting of the distributor thats it. Oh and That cam is great works really well.
I truly would not want to push any more power through it....I've broken stock blocks with less. If you swapped to a Holley I am sure it would pick atleast another 15+ to the wheels...

It's a nice, very streetable blower cam for a shelf grind. The power is really smooth, send me your sheet when you get it to scan.