Just got new rims an have sum ???


New Member
Mar 24, 2004
Playmouth, Mass
Alright to get right to the point i got a 96 Cobra i have cobra R on it now 17x8 {4} i got new rims 03 cobra rims 17x9 fronts 17x10.50 rears i am gonna be running 235-40-14/245-40-17 fronts Rears are 315-34-17 i hits the shock i am puttin uppers an lowers so ill take off the Q,Shocks but my Exhuast i got Flowmaster 2.50 do do i have to do to make evertything clear i dont want the tires to hang out of the car at all run hit anything need info badly sum good infor i have asked around keep gettin wrong info.. Smitty Thanks
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