Just joined, 2001 Mustang GT convertible.


New Member
Oct 31, 2022
Hi all,
I recently bought a 2001 Gt convertible and it is in pretty good shape but needs some TLC in a few areas.
So far I have replaced the hydraulic cylinders for the convertible top, put a new top on it ( what a nightmare), replaced some weather stripping, had a new clutch and throw out bearing installed, removed the visors and took them to an upholstery shop to have them redone and bought a new grille cowl to replace the cracked one and the new one would not install correctly so I took it back out and checked it against the original one ( which broke into five pieces when I took it out) and the new one is 1 1/8 " longer than the original so I'm returning it and i bought another one from a different place and I'm hoping it is the right size. Anyone else have this problem? Also, when the convertible top is in the full open position the right side is higher than the left. It was like that before I put the new top on and I was hoping the new top would fix it but no such luck. Is this normal or do I need to adjust something?
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