Just like new only better!


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Nov 29, 1999
Well since I finnaly installed my new suspension kit and OMFG!!!! I cant believe how nice the car is now :nice: Great ride and handling is way better. The car dont drop at all when I get in yet bumps are not bone jarring anymore :D Eibach Pro Kit with the shocks FTMFW!! I also had my subframes installed today and put 20 miles on it before I installed the suspension and it made a huge difference by itself.

So you guys with the pro springs: How long for it to settle and how much should it drop? Its about 1.25 inches higher now.
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Here are some shots. Is it me or does it look too high?

View attachment 323110

View attachment 323112
Wont I get noise if I remove the isolators?
*thinking of work involved to do it and gets a spine shiver*