just pulled my balancer. Yeah its gone, where do i get a cheap one?


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Mar 7, 2002
Cape Cod, MA
in the process of swapping in the explorer engine, i see that my balancer has the rubber out a little, and the ring isnt square with the shaft. where can iget a cheap one? i dont have alot to spend, this was an unexpected engine change :(
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strokermotor.com seems to have some pretty good prices, there was another thread on em someplace here.........

you might call around to parts stores that sell Pioneer products, Checkers should if they have those near you.
GreenMustangGt said:
i found one in mustangs unlimited: this is what it says:
Dampner kit 81-95- 5.0l mustangs 50oz kit includes e4tz-a damper and timing pointer 69.95

That's a stock one so you will be back changing it down the road. Find a Powerbond, Pioneer, Professional Products or Romac in 50oz.
wytstang said:
50resto has the proffesional products for like $85 shipped call first to see if they have them in stock. I did mine last week and they didn't have them in stock so I went to www.c-f-m.com alittle more $$. Its a pretty nice peace as well.

best one, i just got it, its awesome

i got mine from 50resto.com was 80-90$ 50 oz good up to 6500RPM!!