Just Purchased; 1997 Mustang Gt - Need Advice


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Mar 4, 2016
Tempe, Az
What's up guys! I just purchased a 1997 Mustang GT. This is the 5th mustang I have owned however it's the first I have had with an S/C setup. I just wanted to get a few outside opinions on it. Sorry for the long post in advance:

More about the car:
4.6L - Dash reads 60k miles
-Wynjammer Supercharger (I have done my research, I know it no vortech)
-MSD Ignition
-SVO Red top Injectors
-Aluminum Fuel Rails
-Aeromotive fuel pump
-Aeromotive Regulator
-BBK Ceramic Coated Long Tube Headers
-K&N Cold Air Intake
-Fuel Pressure, Temp, A/F, and Boost Gauges
-Line Lock
-Ram HDX Clutch Kit
-Tremec 3650 Transmission
-Tubular K Member
-Caster Camber Plates
-Frame Connectors
-Driveline Hoop
-Rear Sway Bar
-X Pipe

I’ll try to list everything I know:

Purchased the car on 02/20/2016
Drove it approx. 120 miles home (back to the valley) with no noticeable problems.

Took it in for emissions: Failed because they couldn't get a read from the OBD. Took it to a shop to have the harness rewired (disconnected red wire). Shop solved the problem and scanned the OBD and said no errors came up. Went back to emissions and they still couldn't get a read. "Something about them having a mechanical emissions reader and the shop not?" I was able to get it registered for 5 years so I got that problem solved.

The guy I bought it off of owned to for a year. He owns a performance shop in Prescott Valley. He said it had been sitting for 5 years after the owner before him passed away. So when he bought it he did -8 braided fuel lines and rebuilt the injectors. Bought the car "as is (with all mods already installed)" from the person that passed away. Has a stock rear end (which I was kind of uneasy about). Has a low slump fuel tank with an analog boost gauge. Looks like it’s pushing about 8-10 lbs. of boost. He assumed there was a tune on it because of the aftermarket o2 sensors (whatever that means?).

A few questions I have:

I've put about 350 miles on it since I purchased it on 02/20/16. One thing I have noticed was the center console tend to generate more heat than my previous mustangs. Is the excess heat coming from the long tube headers?

Also, ONLY when I fill the tank all the way it will start to leak. The leaking stops once the tank gets to about 3/4 of a tank so i tend to run it just above 1/4 then put about 15.00$ in to keep it under full. Is this a common problem in mustangs? Or do I have a puncture and have to get a new tank.

When idling my A/F gauge shows that the car is running lean. Also when driving there isn't much of a change. What do I want my A/F to be reading and what are problems that could be causing it to run lean?

What type of general maintenance needs to be done on cars with forced induction? Aside from general fluid flush, brakes, etc. How often should I be getting the car serviced?

Finally, does anyone know of any reputable performance shops in the Phoenix, Arizona area? I've seen a few online but nothing has jumped out at me.

Thanks to those who take the time to read and reply in advance. I look forward to hearing you're thoughts and opinions!!!

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