1. I

    Twin charging a v6?

    Hey guys, so I have a 2001 GT as my daily and a 99 v6 I bought months ago, the v6 cost me 300 DLS and I'm trying to think of something fun to do with it... Not a lot of people twin charge cars... I know it not easy, but it can be done and I'm thinking of doing that with Stella the sixer, My...
  2. N

    For Sale Supercharged 1989 SSP Coupe $13,500 obo

    1989 ex Texas Department of Public Safety Special Service Package coupe, verified by buck tags and VIN on the VIN project list. H/C/I/SC, TKO600, 31 spline axles, Tweecer RT. Lots of pics: My goal for the build of the...
  3. FoxMustangLvr

    Forced Induction, keep reliability while adding more boost, less timing? Pull up a chair..

    My car runs great and has great power and I'm very happy with it. Still I get to thinking, can I somehow keep the reliability of my supercharged 5.0 while increasing PSI? I have the itch to increase boost a little bit, say from 11psi to about 14psi. In doing so I'd pull some timing out to make...
  4. 9

    SOLD 1990 Lx Notch, Des Moines

    I am selling my '90 5.0 LX 5 speed Kenne Bell ts series supercharger Maximum motorsports strut tower brace, subframe connectors, sway bar, caster/camber plates, and torque arm 18" Cobra R wheels 5 lug, 4 wheel disk conversion Extra fiberglass hood (Cervini stromin norman) Extra set of wheels...
  5. T

    Progress Thread Rebuilt Motor, S/c, Do My Numbers Make Sense?

    Hi guys! So the car: 04 mustang GT vortech V-2 with a 2.7in pulley Heads: Trickflow 44cc 2v Custom cams Bullet Cams: I can get numbers if it matters Cobra crank and pistons 8 rib serpentine belt Heavy duty A2W intercooler, I do not have heat issues( can go into this if it matters). Fuel twin...
  6. ChevelleStang

    SOLD 2001 Roush - Stage 3 $13,500

    Build # 0161 for 2001. 98,100 miles. Only 7 white convertible stage 3 mustangs built that year. Beautiful car. Premium package from roush. Looking to sell. Have clean title in hand. Call 336-706-5706. Chris - Greensboro, NC.
  7. J

    Expired 1999 Mustang Gt Convertible Supercharged

    1999 Ford Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Convertible. This car is in absolute excellent condition. Everything on this car is new. It has always been garage kept and never seen inclement weather. This car also classifies for collectable car insurance. It has a BRAND NEW 4.6 2v Engine with less than...
  8. GoldenEagle91

    SOLD Msd 6 Btm Ignition Control Module

    Price:200 City:Hartland State:WI Description: Used Ignition Control Module Model Year: 79-2004 Up for sale is a MSD 6 Series (6462) BTM Ignition Control Module with an Auto Meter Sport Comp Boost Gauge (3304). Included with the ignition module is the boost retard knob and a single pillar mount...
  9. M

    Expired Chicago, Il | 40th Anniversary | 2004 Gt Convertible | Lots Of Upgrades

    The time has come to part ways with my baby. Selling my 40th Anniversary '04 GT Convertible, 82k miles, stored every winter, and lots of performance & cosmetic upgrades. Standard Features: 4.6L V8 Competition Orange Exterior Black Leather Interior Black Convertible Top 5 Speed Manual...
  10. Broskeg

    New Owner Of 1989 Mustang

    Just went in on a 1989 mustang for a project hobby road racer car with my brother. Now that winter is coming to an end here in WI, we are starting to dig into the issues with the car so I will try out some posts on here to see if we can get some help. Been looking at other posted forums...
  11. O

    For Those Who Care

    For those who care to take a guess at the issue or have seen this issue before!- As warmer weather nears, I'll be fiddling with the car to get more info. Here are the specs/ concerns: -88 original 5.0 car Paxton novi 1000 supercharged with FMU - (No chip in ECU) -Car is still speed density...
  12. zhendo95

    Just Purchased; 1997 Mustang Gt - Need Advice

    What's up guys! I just purchased a 1997 Mustang GT. This is the 5th mustang I have owned however it's the first I have had with an S/C setup. I just wanted to get a few outside opinions on it. Sorry for the long post in advance: More about the car: 4.6L - Dash reads 60k miles -Wynjammer...
  13. T

    Expired 2003 Ford Mustang Svt Cobra

    A true factory supercharged 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Supercharged 4.6L Cobra engine with a 6 speed T-56 manual transmission. Charcoal exterior and Two-Tone Cobra Leather interior. With only 40,xxx original miles It has always been garage kept. The car is all stock besides a cold air...
  14. T

    Expired 2001 Mustang Gt Stroker/blown

    2001 Mustang GT Silver - 76,000 miles on car but that is only pretty much on the body and transmission. Everything has been replaced on the car with performance parts. - New Motor, New Parts, Tuner, Supercharger, Suspension, AutoMeter Gauges, Lots of extras that bring out good performance...
  15. a91what

    Build Thread Frankenstang- Eaton M112 5.0 - On the back burner

    Welcome to my laboratory from this point forward is the m90 portion of the experiment. To jump ahead to my M112 install use this link. Enjoy Hi all I have been away for a...
  16. FoxMustangLvr

    Progress Thread My 90 Lx Hatch - Cobra Irs_ Kenne Bell Twin Screw'd

    I decided to put an end to building my 87' t-top because it wasn't worth it since it had a rebuild title and I found too much frame and floor pan damage that I didn't initially see when I picked it up. So I finally offloaded it this last Friday and I'm happy to get my garage back and begin...
  17. Mustang Club Of America

    Mustang Club Of America

    39TH annual fall regional Shelby/Mustang event. Held at the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC. Ranging from Classic to Modern with Borla at the event showing off there systems and some engines on display with ITB'S " individual throttle body's " . Very good event hosted by great people in a...
  18. G35 and supercharged mustang GT double donuts

    G35 and supercharged mustang GT double donuts

    supercharged mustang GT and G35 doing donuts at the same time
  19. supercharged mustang GT donuts

    supercharged mustang GT donuts

    a couple donuts in a supercharged mustang GT. 416 WHP. roush stage 3 m90, 2.57 pulley
  20. Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    Mustang's & Friends Car Cruise

    a little get together thrown together last minute and couldn't have turned out any better was good to us, so we took the best of it...hope you enjoy! this was film by professionals on a closed coarse in mexico..thank you and good day thanks for watching thanks to...