JVC KW-AVX706 Head Unit

JVC KW-AVX706/Panasonic CQ-VD6503U head units

Does anybody have either of these head units? I know it will fit but I was wondering what it looks like when it is installed. The JVC looks like it might stick out a little bit. The Panasonic looks like it would fit more flush. I've heard and read that are great head units for the price and was wondering what y'all thought and if anybody has installed either.

Thanks in advance!!


Panasonic CQ-VD6503U
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I have the JVC installed in my F250 and it looks, fits, and works great. I cant remember where i got the install kit, think it was on ebay, but the fit is nearly perfect and it only sticks out a little bit and its the design of the unit that makes it stick out rather than the installation. I recomend it
Those look good for the money, but I would personally wait and get the new pioneer with nav for a few buck more:


I like that and thought about that one too. I'm just not looking to spend that much. I found the Panasonic on eBay for $430 bucks and that's even a little over what I want to spend. Being that it takes up the Double DIN in our cars and is a touch screen persuades me though :)

Does anybody have any pics of these (or similar ones) in their cars?