k i need some tips for the next few mods


New Member
Aug 3, 2003
Del Mar, CA
Im planning on taking out the tranny this weekend and doin a few things to the drivetrain to try and get rid of this terrible power transfer coming out of an apex. I know many of you dont do road racing but bare with me. The MM torque and and panhard bar keep the car planted to the ground so it wont fishtail out of corners like a dream, however it does limit the launching ability out of the apex by pressing the wheels hard to the ground. I need to know which clutch/flywheel combo i should go with to get quicker revs and solid grip. NOTE: I have been using the stock clutch and flywheel on this car, so i might just need higher performance ones, but i was wondering if anyone knew of a good setup that will grip hard and fast and rev up fast to get out of the torque arm's laggyness
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