k member help

i am running a qa1 k member and a arms...i was informed by the tech guru at maximum motorsports that my parts are for drag racing...he also told me that it was inadequate for autocross/road racing...has anyone here ever heard of any catastrophic k member/a arm failures from this type of driving with my setup?...i am also running the single adjustable coilovers with 225lb springs...
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never heard of catastrophic failure but i've heard of things breaking and then your k-member is done. QA1 is like MM said, more for weight reduction than for chassis rigidity. If you were serious about auto-xing then get a better k-member designed for that application.
If you are talking about Jason at Maximum, he is a stand up guy. I placed a large order for my cobra. Coil overs, shocks/struts, K member, a-arms, rack bushings, solid steering shaft, oil filter relocation, lots of other stuff.

Point being, he called me and talked to me for about a half hour. He ended up not selling several parts to me that I ordered due to me not really needing them for what I was trying to accomplish. He even discounted parts due to the large order. Not a whole lot of vendors would go out of their way to call you, let alone down sell, and recommend other companies parts for my end goal.

Just some info to throw out their for you.
My k member broke

I had a crappy tubular kmember on my car when I bought it and was backing up on a hilly driveway when I heard a god awful pop..twice..notice my steeering was jacked...and looked under and the tabs that are weled on the kmember to attach the a arms were clean snapped off. Thank god I wasnt driving 70 mph on the interstate.. The whole design of most kmember are flawed ...AJE racing has a great k member that is designed so there are no tabs but a rod that goes throught the whole a arm it self leaving no weak point. This is something you want to do right the 1st time and not risk it. check out their setup and you will see how the design is different...

Im sure the dougnuts i was doing put a lot of strees on those tabs..but be warned
ive been talking to jason alot...he is very knowledgeable...he also did the same and talked me out of buing certain parts that i didnt need and suggested what i did...he told me that he didnt work on commission and wasnt just trying to sell me one of their k members and since i still have the stock unit to go ahead and put that back under the car instead of driving on the qa1 piece...he told me all the hows and why's of every component...i later called him back and asked if we reinforced my qa1 piece from looking at theirs if that would be a good idea and he told me that it would just pay attention to where the suspension loads are coming in at...i feel very confident in mm after talking to jason and if he told me that the sky was green id have to go look...also, i got some qa1 front suspension parts that are brand new if anyone is interested...and if someone has a mm k member out there, can i borrow it?...i promise no harm on the piece, we just need to copy it...
i had heard that instead of laying people off during this hard time, they parked their racing division and kept everyone on staff and continue to develop new parts. I give them a lot of respect for that and have also never had a bad experience with them.