K-Member Swap

I'm going to do a 5-lug conversion on my fox using parts from a buddies wrecked 95GT. I stripped the 95 this past weekend and dropped the whole k-member, A-arms, spindles, and brakes assembles as 1 piece. Is it possible to swap the whole thing rather than just swap the spindles? I wasn't sure if they were interchangable or not.
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Anybody? When I look at Maximum Motorsports k-members, it says there is one k-member for 79-95. If I look at UPR's k-member kits they distinguish between the 79-93 and the 94-95 kits. I'm not sure if the k-members themselves are different or if it has to do with control arm lengths. I just figured it would be simpler to install everything installed as 1 assembly rather than replacing each piece individually.