Keep blowing head gaskets and looking for a shop


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Jul 2, 1999
Northern, IL
I keep blowing head gaskets. Got a FFR cobra replica. Running a pretty stout 302 with a 6lb powerdyne.

I hopped on it today and blew the passenger side head gasket. It's not the first time. It happened once before. That is, before the supercharger was added.

So after I blew them the first time, I had a shop put on the ford motorsport torque-to-spec head gasket set about 2 years ago. They also milled the heads per their suggestion.

What can I do to keep them from blowing again? I'm only running 6lb boost. I should be able to hop on this thing whenever I want without worrying about the gaskets blowing all the time.

Is there something I should be doing differently?

Can anyone recommend a ford 302 shop in the northern IL area that I can speak with to get some advice and have them re-do the gaskets (and/or engine) ?
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i live right by Mike Post. i havent talked to him in a while but hes worked on countless peoples mustangs including mine. hes very reasonable. he knows his mustangs in and out. he just won Renegade at the WFC. i could give you his number if you like and you could call him. but honestly, being that its race season, he works alot on his car and im sure some of his best customers cars, and at the same time hes got a wife and 2 kids. so i wouldnt be suprised if he turned you down. but it wouldnt hurt to try. who knows he could maybe use some extra cash right now. but yes superchargers are his specialty. but be warned, after talking to him for a while your gonna want to upgrade to a 351 superchared stroker running 9s. hehe just kidding. :D