Kevlar/kevlar clutch question


Dirt-Old 20+Year Member
Dec 3, 2002
I'm looking into replacing my clutch and I want to order a new one this month (mine doesn't have much life left). I spoke with Modern Driveline and they sugested a kevlar/kevlar clutch. They said it will be slightly harder pedal effort then stock with the pressure plate they sell and they said the clutch disk will basically last forever.

Anyone use a kevlar/kevlar clutch ? I'm interested in how they feel on a daily driver. I know pedal effort is from the presure plate not the clutch disk but I'd still like to hear about that as well. How do they engage ? Do they chatter much ? Any coments on how long they last ?

On a side note, I'm also upgrading the Mach 1 from the 3650 to a T56 magnum with the .5 6th gear. I'll be doing this at the same time as the clutch.
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